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Relationship with Yourself

Relationships for all of us generally mean relationship wit...


Relationship with Parents

The most intense of your all relationships is the relations...


Relationship with Lover

Love is a beautiful emotion and being loved by the person y...


Relationship with Friends

Friends are souls of life and one just cannot survive witho...

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Diet for Healthy Skin

A fabulous and glowing skin is a dream of every girl. She is ready to do any damn thing to look like that perfect masterpiece of loveliness. But to maintain or attain fresh and sparkling skin you have to deal with many factors like different weather conditions, your cleansing routine, your menstrual cycle and the major of all your diet.


Dealing With Break-up

Terminating a relationship is the hardest thing to do and breaking up with your boyfriend is something very terrible for few. A break-up is an ultimate stage of war of words, feelings, emotions but it can certainly be an initial stage of sliding into the world full of  tears and depression as many of us fail to perform well in this realm.

Hair Styles

Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyle always has been an important attribute for a stylish girl that contributes in enhancement of her personality and her facial look in particular. A good and trendy hairstyle refines and displays effortless beauty that definitely speaks about your style. Being the vogue for the youth, it is really very difficult to seek the perfect hairstyle


Lips - Beautify and Care

Lips are the attractive piece of the face and when the lips are of girls; the very first thing that comes into the minds of guys is romance. They slither into the world of fantasy where they dream of lips as they find them the integral part of girl’s body to deal with. Girls too have some dreams associated with the same; and to fulfill them it’s very necessary to take care of the lips and revamp them.


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